I have had a number of articles published in different magazines (primarily computer professional related). I am always interested in speaking with Editors looking for articles...

Published (or soon to be) Articles:

Date Magazine Title
May 2002 The Maryland AR15 Shooters Site How to get into High-Power Shooting
Serialized starting in Spring 1998 IT Age Introduction to HTML (based on chapter written for UNIX Unleashed, Second Edition: Internet Edition, by permission)
January 1998 IT Age Selling DECUS to Your Boss
January 1996 IDUG Solutions Journal How Productive is IS?
1994 - Present Chester Township Newsletter Editor
June 1994 Seer (DEVOUG Newsletter) Software Metrics White Paper
1995, 1996 Project AIRhead:2000 Annals of Improbable Research (AIR)
Soon TBD More to come...

For copyright reasons, I have not included the articles on this page. If you are interested in seeing a copy, I can forward one to you.

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