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Last updated 03/06/2003

I still have a few more things to add to the list

This page contains information about the items that I have for sale. Most of these are computer related, but could include other things as time goes on.

Unless otherwise noted or special arrangements are made (i.e., heavy items), I will use U.S.P.S. Priority Mail and you pay for it. In general, Priority Mail will reach any part of the United States within 2 or 3 days. If you are local to Philadelphia Pennsylvania (I live in the suburbs between Philadelphia and Wilmington), or are willing to drive to this area, you can pick the items up and save the shipping.

I prefer money orders because there is less chance of them bouncing or being fraudulent. For a face-to-face exchange, cash or combination of cash and a personal check/money order can be arranged. I really don't like using C.O.D., but if that is your preferred method, something can be arranged. Unfortunately, I can not take credit cards or any of the web payment services, and foreign funds are difficult to deal with.

Except for a few small things promised to people, all of the AT&T 3b1/7300 UNIX PC equipment and software is gone! I believe the computers went to a good home; I did not make a profit on the sale.

I currently have running (on a daily basis) several different systems with several different versions of MS Windows and Linux. My day job has me working on "real" UNIX servers.

If you see an item but don't like the cost, contact me. I'm always willing to discuss price!

Hard and Floppy disk drives:

For AT&T 3B1/7300 UNIX PC and IBM PC Compatibles

ItemDescription and CommentsAmount
Half-height 20Mb Miniscribe 3425 Hard Disk Removed from a 7300, can also be used in a 3b1. Recently posted to comp.sys.3b1 and comp.sys.att$30
Full-height Miniscribe 6085 Hard Disk I don't know the capacity.$30
Full-height IBM WD25 Hard Disk I don't know the capacity.$30


Except for the stuff that people have promised to purchase, almost everything is gone. I took it all down to the local "Goodwill".

ItemDescription and CommentsAmount
5.25" DSDD FloppiesI have boxes of these, most of which are 3M and unused. Another big stack were used for backups. Make me an offer, may appear on ebay
3.5" DSDD FloppiesI have boxes of these, many of which are 3M and unused.Make me an offer, may appear on ebay

Other Stuff:

ItemDescription and CommentsAmount
CIDCO Caller ID Box 25 Number memory, model number PA $10
Mouse Pads Misc! free with other purchase

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