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This section contains links to other pages that I find interesting, informative, or know the people involved! Just because a link is listed here does not mean that I believe in everything they have to say or their contents.

Please let me know if any of these links are bad. I do not have time to check them all on a regular basis and the Web changes all the time.

People I know:
Group Comments
Scott McMullan Excellent Internet/Web Consultant. Was in my wedding.
Greg McMullan Scott's brother, nuclear engineer by training, computer admin by necessity. Was also in my wedding.
Moe Davis Former GE Consulting consultant, UPS'er, collector and diseminator of odd facts and internet mail. All around great guy.
The Horvath Home Page Maintained by Bob Horvath (no relation) listing a lot of "Horvath's" who are no relation to either of us!
Rob Slade, doting grandpa of Ryan & Trevor Author of cover image "Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses" (ISBN 0-387-94663-2), co-author of "Viruses Revealed" (from September 2001), DECUS Canada member, and frequent book reviewer on the internet
Tom Gannon Former GE Consulting employee, now works for Metro IS (Consulting Company) in Tampa, Florida
Bill Stallings Computer Book Author
Doug Comer Computer Book Author
Kevin Poulsen I knew Kevin when he was on probation the first time (ca 1980). This page is maintained by someone other than Kevin
Joe Gill Extreme Sys Admin. Great pictures of his kids
Ranga Contributing Author to UNIX Unleashed, 2nd edition
C. Matt Curtin Contributing Author to UNIX Unleashed, 2nd edition and quoted in ComputerWorld's "SuperProgrammers" article in the IT Careers section. He's also involved with the Crack DES Project and you can read his paper (in postscript) on the topic.
Bill Farra C Guru. His home page is in transition since his physical home is in transition. You can see a picture of his new house (15k); see some of our friends from his September 6, 1997 house warming; his 1997 Christmas tree (78k), his old boat (as of 5/11/98) "Priorities" (15k), his house at Christmas 1999 (60k), or go to his new web page (with images of his new boat).
Kelly Campbell Local high school senior (Sun Valley High School, Aston, Pennsylvania) who I met while she was working at a local bakery. Her short story, Freight won honorable mention in the USA Today Student Fiction Contest of May 16, 1997. The story is available at USA Weekend or here. The sponsoring teacher is Victoria Magro-Croul.
Taylor & Zeno Systems, Inc. (TZS) Linda Taylor, CCP and Herbert B. Safford, CCP - current and past president of the ICCP Educational Foundation. TZS is a management consulting and training firm specializing in things like TQM, CMM, KSA, and other important areas.
Kether Records Henry Warwick, "Scientist" at Apple Computers is also an artist with music, writings, and paintings. He's also a frequent contributer to CoFD.
Nikki's Dungeon Nikki Geno's web page. Nikki is Mary's neice. Her Boyfriend's page is Angel of Darkness.

Magazines and Newspapers:
Group Comments
Knight-Rider's Home page Provides links to all their newspapers and actual content.
Dilbert cartoon United Media, Inc
Datamation Magazine good humor
Time Warner's Home on the Net It seems like they own just about everything
Wall Street Journal Dow Jones
The Weather Channel weather radar maps
@Computerworld ComputerWorld Magazine
Byte Magazine This used to be the place to find out about home computing (when you had to build them yourself).
Wired Magazine It is clear these folks drink too much coffee, hence the name. Upside magazine
Digital Woman Upside magazine
"The Bitch Goddess" - was originally published as chapters monthly Upside magazine (search for "bitch" to find it)
Informationweek Online Informationweek magazine
Israel's Business Area - Globes Electronic Economic Journal
Weekly Reader's Galaxy Electronic magazine for kids
CNN Ted Turner's Cable Network News
Utne reader web page "The best in alternative media"
L.A. Times News from the West Coast
New York Times News from New York and the world.
National Public Radio News with a Liberal bent.
Nando Times Updated throughout the day.
Philadelphia Inquirer News from Philadelphia
Cincinnati Enquirer News from Cincinnati
Houston Chronical News from Houston Texas
Philadelphia City Paper Interactive Alternative News from Phialdelphia. May actually be instead of (the main link to the left).
Philadelphia Magazine Their "best-of" lists tell you where to get good stuff...
BusinessWeek Magazine Business news
Air & Space Magazine These folks printed the first photos of the Stealth Fighter and bomber!
Suck Magazine Skin deep thoughts.
Electronic Telegraph British ezine that specializes in sex and politics. Sponsored by C|net.
Straight Dope Official page of Cecil Adams, the syndicated columnist.
Poets & Writers Online on-line resource for writers

Search Engines (web sites and netnews):
Group Comments
Usenet & WWW search engine Only the best. Accept no substitutes (use this instead of
DejaNews Search engine - postings
FindMail Search engine - postings (usenet) and to digests (email distributions).
Reference.Com Yet another usenet search engine. The database goes back to November, 1997.
Liszt Search engine - netnews
Lycos Over 39M URL's
MSN allinone Search Engine
Ask Jeeves Natural Language Search Engine
Exciting places to be Search Engine
WhoWhere? Email directory and home page search engine
Computer ESP Database of Computer Manufacturers and Dealers
Welcome to COBS's Internet Search Linkstar e-Card Listings
Click to vote for this page as a hot site Starting Point
Miningco Web Information Mining Page - use it to search for the golden nuggets of information on the web.
Britannica Internet Guide From the Encyclopaedia people.
Fish4It Part of the Web'zine Urban Desires
Rankdex Uses "hyperlink vector voting" to rank sites.
HumanSearch Searches based on Natural Language resuests
Expert Directory Search for free, pay to be listed.
MetaSpy Yet another search engine. You can also see what other people have searched for recently.

Women Related Links (not X-rated):
Group Comments
Women in Technology International ???
Association for Women in Computing ???
Cybergrrl Webstation ???
Femina Spinoff of Cybergrrl Webstation
Webgrrls Spinoff of Cybergrrl Webstation

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