Seminar Abstract

Locating, Hiring, and Retaining Technical Professionals

Alternate Title: How to Hire Technical Professionals

Even with difficult economic times, it can be difficult to locate, hire, and retain technical staff members. People are not changing jobs as often as they have in the past, but there is still the need to hire. When economic times improve, turnover will increase.

This seminar is a practical discussion of methods used to locate, interview and hire, and retain technical professional who would be an asset to the organization. The emphasis will be on easing the search process, hiring the right individual, and retaining staff once they are hired.

Even if the Human Resources (also known as Personnel) department in your organization has primary reponsibility for finding people, the information provided by this seminar is still useful.

The speaker is not affiliated with any recruiter and is not speaking for his present employer.

Topics to be covered include:

The goal of this seminar is to provide the attendee with the tools to find, hire, and keep technical staff.

Prerequisites of Attendees:

This seminar is primarily oriented to those involved with the hiring process. Senior technical staff, project leaders and managers are the primary audience.


Management and Senior Technical Staff. Intermediate/Advanced.

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