Seminar Abstract

So You Have to Deal with an IBM Mainframe

Alternate Title: IBM mainframes for DEC users

Alternate Title: IBM mainframes for UNIX users

Alternate Title: IBM mainframes for Open System users

In many work environments today, multiple platforms are coexisting in departments and workgroups. This merging of technologies is forcing technical people who are very happy with their current hardware environments to become literate and able to productively use other systems.

This seminar is for experienced users of popular non-IBM computers who need to learn how to use IBM mainframe computers. The goal of the seminar is to help the attendee use IBM mainframe computers, feel comfortable in multi-platform environments incorporating both their prefered platform and IBM equipment, and be able to speak the terminology of corporate data centers.

Topics to be covered include:

Prerequisites of Attendees:

Attendees should be experienced programmers or power users of operating systems such as OpenVMS, ULTRIX, UNIX, MS/PC-DOS, or RSX. While this seminar is not specifically targeted toward system management, it is also beneficial for system managers who must interact with the IBM world.


Introductory to Intermediate level, technical.

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