Seminar Abstract

How to Avoid Being Downsized in a Corporation

This seminar is a practical discussion of methods used to improve the value of a technical professional to their organization. With many organizations "down- sizing" and reducing staff through layoffs and attrition, it is important that management is aware of the value of individuals.

With staff reductions, even those who love their jobs are finding themselves forced to search. Of course, the most successful employer change (job search) is the one that never has to take place.

The speaker is not affiliated with any recruiter and is not speaking for his present employer. This seminar is based on his personal experiences and those of others who were layed off at the same time.

Topics to be covered include:

The goal of this seminar is to assist the attendee to remain in their current position, find other opportunities at their current employer, or as the last resort, seek a new job.

Parts of this seminar were previously presented by this speaker at the General Electric Career Continuation Center for other professionals who were also layed off by GE.

Prerequisites of Attendees:

This seminar is primarily oriented to those with professional job experience. However, many topics would also be helpful to the first-time job seeker.


Introductory to Intermediate level, technical.

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