Letters to the Editor

I have strong opinions and am literate enough to write letters to the editors of publications that can be read and get published. I have had a number of these letters printed in the regional newspaper and different magazines.

If you are looking for an opinion on some topic, I probably have one to give!


Date Publication Topic
??? Proteus Offering to write a column when current author left; was published instead of being forwarded to original author for their opinion. I ended up not writting the column.
??? Philadelphia Inquirer Opinion about the idea of shutting down local school district (Chester-Upland, worst in the state of Pennsylvania) and shipping the kids to the surrounding districts. Opposed due to financial (tax) repercusions and lack of spare capacity in local districts
??? Mensa Bulletin Responce to letter from convicted felon who favored gun control.
??? Mensa Bulletin 2% Solution: XXX

For copyright reasons, I have not included the letters on this page. If you are interested in seeing a copy, I can forward one to you.

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