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I set this up so my wife could play around with her own web page. She still hasn't done anything with it for a couple of years, so it just sits here without really being set up.

Maybe she'll start doing something with this when she has some free time.

In June of 1998, she suffered some kind of reaction to the building that her department moved into. She was taken to the company related doctor (Workman's Comp Insurance) and told by him and an allergist that it was a Sick Building Syndrome problem, not an allergic reaction on her part. She is back at work (in the old building). In August she attempted to return to the new building, had the reaction again, and was sent home. The Workman's Comp Insurance company (PMA) denied the claim and now we're trying to work it out. It took an attorney and court hearing for a settlement.

For over eight years, she drove a white 1991 Mercury Tracer LTS, which was given to her sister in 1999. She now drives a 1999 Mercury Courgar in "Laser Red Clearcoat Metallic" (purchased during the summer of 1998):
1999 Cougar

For more than a year, her Carpal Tunnel problems have been acting up. She had her second CT surgery in 2000 and still shows impairment in that hand, the one she had the earlier surgery, and the ulner nerve in both arms. She tried to return to work for a while after the 2000 surgery. She didn't last long...

If you would like to give her a push, send her email at home. If enough people bug her, maybe she'll get motivated and do something with this area. It's not like she has to learn HTML or anything - we have the authoring tools or I can just code it by hand (which is fairly easy to do!). Then again, she might do something once her hands/arms get better...

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