Publications on the Net

I have contributed to digests, FAQ's, and moderated news groups over the years (my first exposure to the Net was in 1980 when it was still ARPANet and the domains (.com, .edu, .etc) had yet to be created. The following are some of the ones that come to my mind and are reachable through the various search engines.

It turns out there are a lot of "David Horvath"'s in the US and other countries; it seems that most of them have some kind of presence on the Net. If you check using a search engine, you might not get something I wrote. To be sure, you can check the list on this page.

This page also serves as a reference for me so I can look up some of the things I've done on the net in the past. This is not a case of Ego Surfing.

Publications on the Net:

Location Title alt.folklore.urban FAQ - I contributed. List of contributers is in the last section of the FAQ. also has this material.
comp.dcom.telecom (telecom digest) Contributor
comp.risks (Risks digest) Contributor DEVOUG October 13, 1995 meeting mentioned in October 17 posting; my presentation mentioned.
biz.books.technical, misc.books.technical, comp.unix.misc, alt.books.technical, alt.books Review of my book, "UNIX for the Mainframer," posted by Rob Slade. My book(s) for sale
DECUS Europe 1997 Seminar Abstracts Information about some of my seminars/symposium sessions.
DECUS Europe 1997 Seminar Summaries Information about some of my seminars/symposium sessions. or Risks Digest 10.85 contribution (from dhorvath in the domain or Risks Digest 11.24 contribution (from dhorvath in the domain Computer Privacy Digest Volume 3 Issue 83 contribution Computer Privacy Digest Volume 4 Issue 3 contribution followup Computer Privacy Digest Volume 4 Issue 5 contribution followup Mini-AIR (Annals of Improbable Research) July 1995: Horvath 2000 Collection. Delaware Valley Microfocus Users Group June 14, 1996 meeting schedule (I was a featured speaker). - the joke or - the listing page or - the big list rec.humor.funny contribution about Apple's project names. contribution about grandmother dying and her favorite song being "Grandma got run over by a reindeer...". As mbadbh. rec.humor.funny contribution of 25-NOV-91 about MIT Graduate Record Exam. As mbadbh. My ISP lists web pages by username.
my home page and fun links Listed directly by AltaVista.

For copyright reasons, I have not included the articles on this page. If you are interested in seeing a copy, I can forward one to you. Where possible, I have included the link so you can go and look at the material directly!

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