One of my hobbies (besides things related to computers) is photography. Although it is nothing that I make money at, I have shot a number of weddings (family events for which I gave the photographs as a wedding present). I have also shot photos of a number of auto accidents (including one fatality) and a number of local fires.

No, I did not cause the accidents or start the fires... And so far, all of the people are still married from the weddings I photographed.

Published Photographs:

Date Publication Subject
??? Philadelphia Inquirer Auto accident with fatality on PA Route 252 in Berwyn
??? Delaware County Daily Times Fire at local historical site (Pusey Planation)
??? Delaware County Daily Times Fire at Neighbors house

For copyright reasons, I have not included the photographs on this page. If you are really interested in seeing a copy, I can get one made and forwarded to you.

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