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This page contains links to interesting pictures, photographs, and drawings, that are not shown any where else on this site. They are included because I think they are interesting. Most of them are not mine.


Title Source Size
Bob Hasson's Llamas Betsy Stewart's Brother's Farm53k, 366x259
thumbnail The photograph on the cover of my book, UNIX for the Mainframer, I95 North of Stewart Avenue in Pennsylvania 349k, 2000x1400
Bill Farra's new house Down the shore15k, 320x240
Bill Farra's Christmas tree 1997 At his new house; includes Stancy78k, 320x240
Me at DEVOUG The Delware Valley Oracle Users Group, December 1, 1995 162k, 640x480
Me with Lorrakeets At the Philadelphia Zoo, June 7, 1997245k, 756x504
Me at the ICCP Booth At the NCSL August 1997 conference, Philadelphia168k, 825x495
Me and my book I'm holding "UNIX for the Mainframer". I needed an image for the web page of an organization with which I am affiliated. I decided to plug the book at the same time. My wife shot this image. 1999 106k, 1141x1177
Me hunting with "Dog" At the Milnes' hunting cabin on trip with Don Stewart, 12/5/99 102k, 493x373
Slightly better picture of me hunting with "Dog" At the Milnes' hunting cabin on trip with Don Stewart, 12/5/99 119k, 493x373
May 10, 2000 MAC/EPS/Concord EFS
Systems Development staff
Thank-you dinner
Table 1
CCW from front/center: Mrs. and Mr. Bing Cardall, Mrs. & Mr. ???, ???, VP of Development Steve Lynch, and Mrs. & Mr. Vijay Royyuru (Director) 134k, 886x598
May 10 Dinner, Table 2 CCW from front/center: Nemi Agwal, Mr. & Mrs. Bruce ???, Reedi (standing), Ahn Tran, Soma ???, Me (standing) and my wife Mary 135k, 888x608
May 10 Dinner, Table 3 CCW from front/center: Mr. & Mrs. MISSING, Mr. & Mrs. Robin Burris, Mr. & Mrs. Max Sterbakov, Mrs. & Mr. Tom Hunsberger 131k, 886x598
May 10 Dinner, Table 4 CCW from front/center: Bob Umberger, Conny Williams/Umberger, Mr. & Mrs. ???, Mrs. & Mr. ???, Mrs. & Mr. Joe JohnBosco 134k, 886x598
May 10 Dinner, Host(es) Bing Cardall and his wife -- the organizers 136k, 886x598
May 10 Dinner, Staircase Everyone on the staircase. Tina had to take two photos to get everyone in. 238k, 1380x722
Don's new dog
(spring 2000)
Sitting in the yard53k, 640x480
Mary and Sue Lyddy
hanging out
(Fall 2000)
Where I won't say...52k, 640x480
My mother at age 16 Some trip to West Point NY with some weird kid.24k, 749x517, B&W
My mother at age 16 Same trip to NY as above.26k, 705x503, B&W
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