Seminar Abstract

Relational Database Techniques (and SQL)

Alternate Title: Advanced Relational Database Techniques (and SQL)

The technology in the data processing industry is changing - from files or navigational database tools to relational databases. Getting from an idea to a data store involves modeling, normalizing, and finally implementing the data structures. The structures and methods of accessing the data are expressed in the ANSI standard language SQL (Structured Query Language, pronounced "sequel").

There are advanced topics related to relational databases; these include: tuning and efficient coding of SQL, typical tasks of the DBA (Data Base Analyst), and client/server techniques.

Topics to be covered include:

For an extended time frame:

The goal of this seminar is to allow the attendee to understand the basics of data modeling, relational databases, and SQL. For an extended time frame, it would include understanding of tuning and efficient coding methods for relational databases.

Prerequisites of Attendees:

Attendees should be familiar with the their current corporate information technology environments. An understanding of non-relational database technologies would be helpful as well as at least one third-generation programming language.


Junior and Senior Technical Staff. Introductory for initial seminar, Intermediate/Advanced for extended time frame.

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