Seminar Abstract

UNIX for the Mainframer

The seminar is designed to introduce the mainframe professional to UNIX. It assumes a solid understanding on using the mainframe and little or no UNIX knowledge. It presents the terminology and usage of the UNIX operating system by comparing and contrasting with mainframe operating systems.

This seminar should move fairly quickly and will be based on my book, "UNIX for the Mainframer". It would be great if the book was provided as part of the seminar fee, as an alternative, having it available for purchase by attendees.

This seminar would move fairly quickly and would make frequent reference to "UNIX for the Mainframer". In the one-day format, it will not provide everything the attendees need to know (even taking a copy of the book with them). As such, a full-week expanded seminar might be useful. Either way, after the seminar, UNIX will be much less foreign and more interesting.

Learning a new technology is difficult enough without having to learn it independently of prior experience and existing knowledge base. By building on the current Mainframe knowledge, this seminar differentiates itself from other UNIX seminars.

Topics to be covered include:

The goal of this seminar is to allow the attendee to understand how to use UNIX.

Prerequisites of Attendees:

Attendees should be familiar with Mainframe operating systems.


Introductory to Intermediate level, technical.

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