Work is anything that provides me with a paycheck! If I do something that does not get me a paycheck, then it will appear on another page. That is not to say that work cannot be fun - with the right employer or job, it certainly can be. The best job for anyone is one that they do enjoy, for otherwise, it is just a burden, a means of survival only.

My Employers:

Company Title Contact
Strategic Staffing Solutions Senior Consultant
ARC (formerly CGI Systems, Inc.) Prior: 1993-2001 ARC or my experiences
Camden County College, Blackwood, New Jersey Adjunct Professor (part-time) Camden County College, Unofficial CCC Computer Studies Department, or my experiences

Obvious Disclaimer: I am not looking for a job. I have posted my resume in Word (pretty), HTML (reasonably pretty), and Text (ugly) format here so people can get an idea of my background and abilities. It may not be the latest update. Of course, if you happen to have the perfect job to offer me, then I'm willing to listen.

Recruiters/Brokers: Do not present this to any clients/customers of yours without express permission from me. I might already work for or be presented to them, or I might not be interested; either way, I'll be very unhappy (and my current employer might be upset with me too).

CGI Systems

I have worked for CGI Systems (Now part of ARC - Alternative Resources Corporation) as a Senior Consultant (full-time employee) for over 6 years (as of August, 1999) which is a long time in consulting. I enjoy working for them and consider it a good organization. They do give me a lot of freedom and I provide a lot in return. If you are interested in the company, you can check out their Web pages or send me mail; you used to be able to also send mail (and your resume) directly to my favorite recruiter there, but she's no longer with the company (and I really don't know her replacement).

I do not speak for them, but the company is always looking for qualified people. Especially those with hot skills (relational databases, GUI, client-server, Web, server (i.e., UNIX, NT, etc.), and a few requirements for mainframe people - especially with the year 2000 coming).

I also used CGI as a broker (finding me contract assignments) for about six months before I became a full-time employee. Things were going very well working that way, but then they had a project that they wanted to staff with employees. They wanted me on that project, I wanted to be on that project, so my status was changed. I am still with the company.

In case you're wondering, I have my own domain because I needed a permanent email address to put in in my book (and others). I expect that publishing the address will generate significant email volume for a number of years. I also have a ARC email address, but I considered it abusive to have my outside email go there.

At the beginning of November 1997, CGI was sold by IBM to Alternative Resources Corporation (Nasdaq: ALRC). They have started making changes and a number of the consultants are very unhappy. A number of people have left because they were unhappy with some of the changes (including a fairly restrictive contract). But it turns out they are willing to modify the contract and are quite reasonable about it. I was able to get my issues resolved with ARC's employment contract (Duties and Restrictive Covenent clauses) and am staying with the company.

I remained with ARC at the same client for over 6.5 years until April 2001 when my project ended. I was benched for about 6 months before I found a contract with Strategic Staffing Solutions (I knew most of the Philadelphia region office staff from working with them at CGI). Unfortunately, ARC seems to be easing out of the Philadelphia marketplace and was unable to find me (or a number or other consultants in this tough environment) projects. If they had, I'd probably still be working with them.

Camden County College

I have taught at Camden County College as an Adjunct Professor (part-time) since January of 1990. I've taught Introduction to Data Processing, Introduction to Programming (using BASIC), and most commonly teach C Programming. I have taught at a number of other Community or County level and small colleges in my local area. See the Speaking page for more information about the colleges and courses I have taught in the past.

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